About NewPhone Wireless

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NewPhone Wireless is a prepaid wireless phone company that offers affordable cell phone service and also provides Lifeline service. We believe in offering quality cellphone service to everyone hassle – free, without the need for a contract or credit check. We have something for everyone!

NewPhone Wireless Lifeline service is a program for eligible low income households. In order to participate in the NewPhone Wireless Lifeline service, you must participate in a state or Federal support program or meet the Income Poverty Guidelines as defined by the U.S. Government. NewPhone Wireless Lifeline service is limited to a single line of service per household.

NewPhone Wireless is hassle-free!



Our Retailers


NewPhone Wireless phones can be acquired through events held at various locations, including but not limited to housing complexes, corner stores, assisted living centers, churches, etc. Phones may also be applied for online and shipped via US mail.


Our Coverage


NewPhone Wireless provides service statewide specifically in the SPRINT coverage area for those that qualify for Lifeline in the state of Louisiana. Service is limited to the continental U.S.A. with no roaming charges. International long distance is not available on any of NewPhone Wireless’ phones.


Our Brands


We currently supply refurbished Motorola, Samsung, and LG phones. Models may vary and are based on availability at the time of application.


Our Phones


NewPhone Wireless provides quality, refurbished cell phones to those that qualify for our services at the best prices. We offer basic refurbished phones such as, Motorola, Samsung, and LG.